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We’re happy to announce SOME of the lineup for the 6th Edmonton Noisefest.

We’ll be in person at the venue: The Aviary, 9314 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0A3

It’ll be from 2pm to midnight on August 17, 2024.

Doors at 2pm, Music at 2pm. All day. All night.

$16 advance and $20 at the door.

Buy tickets here: https://the-aviary.net/events/6th-edmonton-noise-fest-the-aviary/

  • Biographical Error Biographical Error is a sentient organism located in Edmonton, Alberta, which is located on Treaty 6 and Métis Region 4 territory. She finds noise-making to be cleansing. She recognizes that listeners might not feel so cleansed. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada My “greatest hits” + whichever of my tracks I’m feeling accompanied by live painting/destruction of poster board.
  • Chad Munson Chad Munson is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from the Canadian prairies. At the age of 7 he received a malfunctioning analog synthesizer. Listening to the broken synthesizer drift, drone and distort sparked a fascination with texture that has defined his musical output since. Saskatoon I plan to perform new work from a forth coming release titled IXAAT that is focused around wavetable synthesis, digital interference and electro acoustic noise. A rather large departure from my pervious releases on Muzan Editions and Aural Canyon.
  • Clinker “Gary James Joynes, also known as Clinker, is an award-winning visual and sound artist based in Edmonton, Canada. He blends the beauty and physicality of sound’s auditory and visual elements in rigorous and emotional installation works, and in Live Cinema AV and Electronic Sound and Vocal performances. Joynes’ innovative and thought-provoking works have earned international recognition, with exhibitions and performances held at art galleries and festivals worldwide. His artistic practice encourages a slowed and attentive state in viewers - to have them interrupt busy-ness for prolonged moments of being-ness. " Edmonton For SOUNDBURSTING, Clinker (aka Gary James Joynes) mines into the textural nuance, patient minimalism and rich sonic palette inside of his prized 1976 Minimoog Model D analog synthesizer. Purposefully chosen as the only sound source used in this project the Minimoog is still considered one-of-the-most sought after synthesizers ever created known especially for its unrivalled subsonic bass frequency capabilities. This “mini” has been in his collection for many years and he embraces the aging and drifting oscillators and unclassifiable “broken” sound moments he sculpts from inside of his one-of-a-kind instrument. Joynes has vowed never to restore this machine choosing instead to listen to it age naturally and use the process to push into new sonic territory. So far he has been unsuccessful at breaking this machine but he promises to continue to try.
  • Damno Te Damno Te (I Condemn Thee), celebrates his 20th year in 2024. A noise bullshit harsh noise project focusing on historical moments in our short time as a species on this little blue pinpoint in space. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Dominic Jasmin - Dominic Jasmin is a composer and improviser from Montreal, Qc. His music, somewhere between free jazz and acousmatic music, blends the accidental and unpredictable nature of the former with the techniques of the latter to create what has been described as « structured noise ». Primarily working with found sounds and electronics, he also incorporates guitar and voice to some of his live sets. - Montreal, Quebec, Canada- “Untitled An improvised noise performance where all inputs are interconnected to make an uncontrollable system than only responds to nudges.”
  • Jacob Audrey Taves & Matthew McKenzie Jacob Audrey Taves and Matthew McKenzie combine improvised sample cut-ups, no-input mixing techniques and live coding to create semi-improvised sound collages. Drawing influence from labels such as Mego, Tzadik and World Serpent, their work touches on jazz, industrial noise and obtuse, non-musical sound sculpture. Jacob Audrey Taves is probably best known for their project Holzkopf which has shared the stage with Merzbow, Keiji Haino, John Oswald and many others. Matthew McKenzie is the mastermind behind the brand new Edmonton based experimental label, Honey Farm. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Live coded FM synthesis, plunderphonic cut-ups and extremely heavy bass.
  • Jared Epp My project focuses on creating layered and heavily textured works through a mix of synth, found sound and other sampler based work. I relay on guitar stomp pedals to help create unplanned moments in my work. My work is a mix of improvisation based around a few themes for each performance. I enjoy creating event specific works, whether this is for more drone ambient style events or for noise shows. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada I plan to create a new work, using synth, sampler, found sound and stomp pedals. I’m hoping to create a thick dissonant work, finding the balance between over saturation, feedback and nuanced textures.
  • KM Toepfer Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Krasue We are a noise duo driven by intuition and the love of sonic and visual exploration. Spontaneous noise creation alongside videosynth using poemagogic principles. Formed in 2024. Treaty 6 territory. All hail the void. Edmonton, AB, Canada Using a variety of instruments and machines used both conventionally and unconventionally, we plan to unveil our collaborative efforts for the first time publicly. Ideally we would like to set up a projector to run visuals alongside our spontaneous set, as this helps guide our process, but we can stick to audio only if required.
  • Porous Treatment Extreme and ambient / experimental and ritualistic. Porous Treatment is a noise act from Calgary AB that combines industrial tinged power electronics with harsh ambient soundscapes. Calgary, AB A mix of material from a split that will be released on Bent Window Records this summer and unreleased material from a split coming later this year
  • PSYCHEDELIC ATTACK “INTENT: We live in an age where information and the mediums of its dissemination have been weaponized. Psychedelic Attack is presented as an example of how to break through mental / cultural concepts rapidly by subverting communication tools of the 20th century. “Psychedelic” (from Ancient Greek psukhḗ, “mind, soul” + dêlos, “manifest, visible”). “Attack” from Italian attaccare (“to join, attach”) (used in attaccare battaglia (“to join battle”). (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Vancouver BC title: " F [_] C K A I " In the new work, the TV is waist high, in front of me screen up like a table with the camera about 7 feet off the ground behind me on a lighting stand. Instead of holding the camera, I am controlling it and digital kaleidoscopes with hand gestures picked up by a 3D camera through software my friend Rob Scharein and I. The light from the TV is turned to sound and mixed into the no-input mixing I’m also doing at the same time. The vibe is very “wizardy”. The video is color and higher resolution then before. I also send the video to a projector.
  • Raylene Campbell Raylene is a sound artist who embraces various creative practices including improvisation, composition, performance art, sound and image, public intervention, and Deep Listening. The focus of Raylene’s creative process involves explorations of acoustic ecology, psychogeography, computer interactive technology, and audience interactivity in both performance and installation environments. Edmonton, AB, Canada Rumble, rumble…sex toi! is a noise composition inspired by sexual self-determination and the mechanical sounds of the tools that bring us satisfaction. Get ready to rumble!
  • Scant Intone https://scantintone.com/bio/ Saskatoon Morose Code (unreleased work)
  • skruntskrunt Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • The Furnace Over the past year, Kaiden Jackman’s The Furnace has become an act to look out for in the Calgary underground due to their confrontational and physical performance style. Vocals screamed from deep within the soul on top of blown-out noise pop beats create the basis for Jackman’s abrasive power noise assault (referred to as a “one person auditory wrecking crew”). On debut album “The Desire to Become Human: Collected Works 2021-23”, The Furnace delves into the human psyche with lyrics about body dysmorphia, romantic longing, paranoia, and the darkness within. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Tin Can Luminary and the Orchestra of the Unwanted - Tin Can Luminary and the Orchestra of the Unwanted is the result of one artists unhealthy obsession with recycling. All of the instruments in the Orchestra of the Unwanted were created from discarded materials, especially electronic toys and ewaste. The resulting music reflects the material excesses of our time. - Humboldt Co. California - This year I am traveling with my circuit-bent electronics, and will perform an improvised set using a collection of modified electronic toys and homemade synthesizers
  • Will Northlich-Redmond Will Northlich-Redmond is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist. His compositions have been featured all over the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Work has been supported by the National Gugak Center (Seoul, South Korea), the NYU Vilar Global Fellows, Amsterdam’s STEIM Center, the Wesleyan University Laptop Ensemble and Balinese Gamelan Ensemble, the Portland Flute Society, the Ojai Art Center, the NYU New Music Ensemble, and New Music Edmonton. Will performs electronic music under the pseudonym BlipVert, which features some of his most personal and extreme compositions. Edmonton, AB by way of San Francisco, CA, US “I am in the process of deciding between a number of projects to feature at Edmonton Noise Fest for 2024. The following are possible ideas:
    • Noise duet between myself and drummer Mark Segger: drums, sax, synths
    • Solo electronic music performance
    • Duet performance between myself and Parker Thiessen”
  • YMGER Analog ego loss. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Experiments in rhythm, feedback, and atmosphere.